Things to Keep in Mind when Dating Asian Women

There are many men in English speaking countries who have a preference for Asian women. They are stereotyped as sweet, sexy, innocent, grateful. A type of woman, as there is seldom him in the West – at least in the opinion of these men.

The men look at Manga movies. Some even learn Japanese, guests are in Beijing or Tokyo. An Asian friend – that would be a dream!

Asian women as a cult object

But by this behavior show that men can be quite pigheaded and stubborn about it. On the contrary. “They are racist assholes” says YouTuber Anna Akana. Hard words. But she should know, because she is an American with Japanese roots. To men in the U.S, the pretty woman has been well received, but unfortunately for the wrong reasons, as she finds.

“The problem with these men is: they don’t give a damn about who you really are,” Anna says to her YouTube Channel . “I do not understand how they can romanticize an entire race as submissive, weak, dazzling, delicate, fragile -. Or whatever constitutes the charm for them”

In the US they are called enthusiasm for Asian women “yellow fever”, yellow fever.

It is okay to have a particular type, says Anna. But for men with yellow fever was the only criterion in mate choice: the skin color. “That’s cheap. That’s insulting. That makes me mad. Go away,” concludes Anna. Her humorous statement can shown here:

Yes, racism exist in many different forms. Sometimes he hides. It’s great that people like Anna Akana are so vocal about this phnomenon

Other critics include Kulture Media, a recently formed Asian American media watchdog group that scans common western media for anti-asian sexism. They’re worth a visit – you never know

Common Stereotypes Regarding Asian Women

Asian women are stereotyped to be particularly sensitive to the well-groomed, feminine appearance. They take a lot of time for their personal hygiene and are considered very stylish. Their clothes are often very elegant and well chosen – important reasons why single men obsess over Asian women.

They are very family oriented

Furthermore, Asian women are considered very family-oriented, binding to their relatives and family members is very strong in the rule. When an Asian woman marries a man, they usually like for him to have children and raise together.

Chinese single women: the phenomenon of “Sheng Nus”

Because their expectations and POTENTIALS to a man are quite high, find nowadays many Chinese are very hardly a suitable man. Therefore, there is an increasing number of “Sheng Nus” – particularly in the major cities of China. Literally, “Sheng Nu” as much as “leftover woman”. On good German is here to an old maid.

In China, “Sheng Nus” unmarried women over 30, which may be indeed quite modern, open-minded and well-formed, but can not find a man she can marry. In their eyes, it is, however, to the men and not to them himself, as it is easy to give a few self-confident men in China.

Tips for a long term relationship with an Asian Woman

Whoever wants to be with an Asian woman successfully, keep in mind that most women want you to like them for their personality first and for their race and other superficial traits second. In a relationship between a non-Asian and an Asian woman, it is not uncommon to come disagreements and misunderstandings of mindset. Especially in such situations composure, coolness, composure and sovereignty are in demand. Only those who communicate in all serenity and open with his girlfriend, is also able to resolve critical moments quickly and confidently. If you don’t treat her with respect, you might find her running to extramarital dating sites like the Married and Looking Club. 


Attractive Chinese woman in a classic look

Attractive Chinese | Photo: Xuan Zheng | License: CC BY-SA 2.0 | short